Understanding what Microsoft Office is?

Microsoft Office setup is an application that is used by both students in schools, colleges and for business purposes. Office setup is useful for the text documents, to manage and store data, create spreadsheets, editing, formatting, formula functions, also for presentations and more. The Microsoft Office includes MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point. The other skills of MS Office is MS Publisher, MS Certifications, MS Outlook, One Drive, One Note, Configure E-Mail settings, Digital Presentations, Data Analysis, Data Management, Mail Merge, Design, Grammar Check, Page setup, Spelling Check and also Slideshow Creations. You can download, install, or can activate Office setup via www.office.com/setup.

The benefits of MS Office setup is you can share this software with your family members (can share with other 5 users), it can be used on various devices like PSs, Macs, laptop, Android Phones, you can work collectively, if the user need assistance they can take support from the technical team of Microsoft Expert.

Download Office Setup:

  • In the web browser, visit office.com/setup.
  • After this just Login to your Microsoft Account.
  • If you don’t have the account just create new Microsoft Account.
  • Then from the drop down Menu, select the subscribed product.
  • For downloading Office setup file, enter 25 digit product key.
  • Click on “Download” options
  • When download complete, then follow the installation process.
Install Office Setup:

  • After the download process complete, then search the Office setup file.
  • Then double click on the Office setup file.
  • Follow the terms and conditions which are viewed on the screen, then click on “I Agree” term.
  • Once the installation completes, then follow the activation process.
Activate Office Setup:

  • Open Office Setup, and then double click it.
  • See the activation wizard on the screen.
  • Login in your Microsoft Account.
  • Enter the product key.
  • Then click on “Activate Now”.
After the process of downloading, installing and activating Office Setup, Microsoft Office will be successfully activated on your system.
Office 365 plan:

Office 365 plans are a plan of Microsoft Office which includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and many more. This plan gives the latest features and security which you can use on PCs, Laptop, Android phones, tablets etc. Most importantly technical support is free of cost at anytime, anywhere. The important feature is anybody who has this plan can share with up to 6 people. Use this plan on multiple PCs.

Office 2019 plan:

Office 2019 plans is one time purchase plan because if you want the latest release you again have to purchase the latest version. If you have purchased this plan you can’t upgrade this plan. But this gives you the special security and quality updates. This plan can be used on Window 10 version.

Activate MS Office:

First go to the site of MS Office i.e. www.office.com/setup then sign in to your MS Office account, then locate your 25 digit product key, then visit office.com/setup to install it, then select install office, open office set up icon then double click it, then hit Activate Now button for the proper activation of MS Office.

Office.com/my account:

If you have to manage your account first sign in your account, then select your account name, after this click on My Account from the list of options that are given on the screen. If you want to check your subscription plan then go to the services of MS Office and review the details.

What is Microsoft Office?<h

www.office.com/setup, office.com/setup

What is Microsoft Office?

MS Office is the suite of applications which is designed for the home and business purpose and it is consist of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Publisher etc. This software can install through office.com/setup . You can give full protection to your device through Webroot.com/safeWww.Avg.com/retail can also give complete protection to your device against cyber threat.

Customer Service:

If the user is facing any kind of problem like in installing, downloading and activating Microsoft Office the customer care executives will give proper assistance to its user. If the user has some problem in fixing errors, managing Office account, how to check office subscription, and also regarding which plan is best for the user, they can take help and support from Microsoft Expert. You can take support at anytime, anywhere Microsoft Technical Team is there for you 24/7. Technical team is highly experienced and can support you in every possible way.

  • www.office.com/setup
  • office.com/setup
  • office.com/myaccount
  • office setup


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